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Auto Front Lamp Mould,Auto Rear Lamp Mould,Auto interior and exterior,BMC SMC Mould@Taizhou Chuangying Mould Co., Ltd.


About us

“Chuangying Mould Co., Ltd”, was founded in June 2011. It is locating in the "China mold town" –Huangyan TaiZhou Zhejiang, is a professional manufacturer of precision automotive plastic mold and injection of plastic parts.Our company has engineers with rich experience and good skill, can make the technical and commercial communication directly with domestic and international customers. We are specialized in making high precision lighting mold and internal and external decoration plastic parts of automobile. We possess high precise equipment of mold manufacturing from Italy and Japan, use PRO / E, UG, MASTERCAM, MOLD FLOW and other computer-aided software and process (CAD / CAM / CAE). We have perfect capabilities of mold design, manufacturing and part molding.After many years of hard working, our molds win the recognition from our domestic and international customers. Our current customers mainly distribute in Brazil, India, Italy, England and domestic car makers, the main customers are ARTEB, AL, TRIOM, Great Wall Motor, LiuZhou automotive and others. CY vision:Become the globle first-class automobile mould specilist!

Company Culture Honor



Chuangying has professional design, programming, processing andmanaging team. We have more than 20 designer in mold development team. Use advanced CAD/CAM/CAE system such as UG, Moldflow.. Use Moldfow to make the simulation to provide the analysis requested by customers.Chuangying focus on the application of new technology and newproduct. willing to do co-design with customers. Willing to do afterservice when customers need.

Major customers

Our customers are Great wall, FORD, GEELY, Qinchuan, Magneti Marelli, Arteb and others.

Sales network

Contact us

  • Address:No. 9 Beiyuan Avenue, Beicheng Street, Huangyan District, Taizhou City
  • Mobile:+86-15727883355
  • Tel:+86-576-84353736
  • Fax:+86-576-84353736
  • E-mail:sales@www.cherimasonpr.com